There are three types of programs the VTDSP can support:

  1. Traditional teacher education (i.e., Bachelor’s/Master’s programs) at partner institutions in Vermont. VTDSP scholars that complete their education and subsequent certification in this manner are eligible for up to $12,000 in loan forgiveness over 3 years.
  2. Participation in the Teacher Apprenticeship Program (TAP). Scholars who take part in the TAP program are eligible for up to $8,000 in loan forgiveness over 2 years. (coming fall 2009)
  3. Certification through the VT Department of Education’s Peer Review Process. Scholars who attain licensure via this method are eligible for $1,200 in loan forgiveness following 1 year of service.


Selection Committees

The state has been divided into seven regions, with selection committees based in Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Montpelier, Morrisville, the Northeast Kingdom, and Rutland.